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Blue R:67, G:180, B228, CMYK: #43b4e4  (Main color)

Orange R:246, G:139, B: 31, CMYK: #F68B1F (Use only for highlight content or second color in charts)

Use black or greys as additional colors.



(Hand-in-Scan refers to the company)

Available: rgb, cmyk, png, editable pdf formats


(Semmelweis Scanner refers to the device)

Available: rgb, cmyk, png, editable pdf formats.



Certificate of Conformity 087

Certificate of Conformity 088

Declaration of Conformity (Hungarian)

Declaration of Conformity (English)

Rights and obligations of the partners (English)

General Sales Terms and Conditions (English)

Visirub – Safety Data Sheet (English)


Scanner Firmware Latest Release


Scanner Firmware New Releases – 12 Dec 2017 (English)

Previous firmware releases

Scanner Firmware New Releases – 6 September 2017 (English)

Scanner Firmware New Releases – 1 June 2017 (English)

Scanner Firmware New Releases – 17 March 2017 (English)


Webinar – January 2018

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Webinar – July 2017


Update on the latest developments

Dialysis case study

Latest scientific results


About the Semmelweis Scanner

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Semmelweis Scanner can speak Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Romanian, Spanish, and Turkish. If this list not include your language please fill out this form and sent it back to your sales representative.


European Reference Sites

(A4, 4 pages)

English (last update: 15-Nov-2016, version 7.7)


User Manual

(A4, 31 pages)

English (last update: 15-Feb-2017)


Installation manual

 (A4, 12 pages)

English (last update: 10-Mar-2017, version: 1.4)

Hungarian (last update: 08-Feb-2017, version: 1.7)


Quick installation guide

 (A4, 7 pages)

German (last update: 19-Jun-2016, version: 1.2)


Semmelweis Scanner brochure

 (16×16 cm, double page, folded)

English – online version (last update: 21-Nov-2016)

English – printed version (last update: 18-Nov-2016)

German – online version (last update: 21-Nov-2016)

German – printed version (last update: 18-Nov-2016)

Hungarian – online version (last update: 21-Nov-2016)

Hungarian – printed version (last update: 18-Nov-2016)

Romanian – online version (last update: 21-Nov-2016)

Romanian – printed version (last update: 18-Nov-2016)

Italian – online version (last update: 14-Mar-2017)

Italian – printed version (last update: 14-Mar-2017)


Semmelweis Scanner flyer

A4 double page(A4, double page)

English (last update: 12-Feb-2016)

French (last update: 03-Oct-2016)


How to use the Semmelweis Scanner – flyer

(A5, single page)

English (last update: 02-Mar-2017)

Hungarian (last update: 10-Apr-2017)


Semmelweis Scanner FAQ

(A4, 5 pages)

English (last update: 24-Nov-2016, v4.4)

French (last update: 24-Nov-2016, v1.2)


Semmelweis Scanner rollup

 (85×200 cm)

English (last update: 15-Nov-2016)

German (last update: 16-Nov-2016)

Hungarian (last update: 16-Nov-2016)


How to use the Semmelweis Scanner – rollup

(85×200 cm)

English (last update: 03-Mar-2017)



Hand Hygiene Performance in Dialysis Centres  – English (last update: 08-Nov-2017)

The Human Factor in Hand Hygiene Skill Acquisition  – English (last update: 08-Nov-2017)



Device – English (last update: 04-Jul-2016)

Microbiology – English (last update: 04-Jul-2016)

How to handrub – English (last update: 14-Sep-2016)

Az alkoholos kézfertőtlenítés menete – Hungarian (last update: 14-Sep-2016)


Scientific publications



A. Duong, J. Davies, M. Ackerman, T. Haidegger “Evaluation of Hand Disinfection using the Semmelweis System” InfectionControl.tips June 1, 2017 [Link]

L. Szilagyi, T. Haidegger, Á. Lehotsky, M. Nagy, E. A. Csonka, X. Sun, K. L. Ooi, D. Fisher, „A large-scale assessment of hand hygiene quality and the effectiveness of the WHO 6-steps”. BMC Infectious Diseases (IF: 3.025) vol. 13, art. 249, 2013. [link]

Á. Lehotsky, L. Szilágyi, T. Ferenci, L. Kovács, R. Pethes, Gy. Wéber, T. Haidegger “The quantitative impact of direct, personal feedback on hand hygiene technique”. Journal of Hospital Infection (IF: 2.78), vol. 91. issue 1, pp. 81–84, 2015. DOI: 10.1016/j.jhin.2015.05.010. [link to the journal] [download here]

W. Zingg, T. Haidegger, D. Pittet, “Hand coverage by alcohol-based handrub varies – volume and hand size matter”. American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC), vol. 44, pp. 1689–1691, 2016. [link]

T. Haidegger, V. Varga, A. Lehotsky, P. Rona, R. Pethes, P. Szeremy, L. Szilagyi, T. Ferenci, L. Kovacs “Information Technology Tools Employed in Infection Control,” in Proc. of the 16th IEEE Intl. Symp. on Computational Intelligence and Informatics (CINTI), Budapest, pp. 339–344, 2015. [download here]



A. Lehotsky, L. Szilagyi, M. Langgartner, C. Lindtner, Gy. Weber, T. Haidegger “Conclusive results of a multicenter hand hygiene technique assessment study” Proc. of the 16 th Congress of the Intl. Federation of Infection Control (IFIC), Vienna, P32, 2016.

T. Haidegger, A. Lehotsky, Sz. Bansaghi, P. Straud, P. Rona, P. Szeremy,  L. Szilagyi “The Learning Curve in Hand Hygiene Technique – A Multi-Istitutional Study”. Proc. of Federation of Infection Societies (FIS) Annual Conference and the 10th Healthcare Infection Society (HIS) International Conference, Journal of Hospital Infection 94S1 (2016) S24–S134.


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