Awards & Recognition

Trusted & Recognized by Leading Global Health & Technology Organizations

When it comes to the expertise and viability of the Hand-in-Scan™ System, we know you need to see the kind of trust and recognition you would expect from any leading organization in the healthcare industry. Here are just a few of the many accolades the Hand-in-Scan™ System has been awarded.

2020 Awards

Previous Awards

2017 – Top Innovations Award

2016 – Swedish Grand Prize

2015 – 2nd Prize for Technology Transfer
Life Science: Science2Business Award (Vienna) 

2015 – Újbuda Startup Grant 

2015 – Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize
Finalist with Merit (Budapest) 

2015 – Red Dot Design Award
Best Concept (Singapore)

2015 – Hungarian Design Award

2015 – IEEE Robotics and Automation Award
Award for Product Innovation (Seattle)

2014 — Semi-Finalist in Team
Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) Startup Challenge (San Francisco)

2014 — Best New Startup from Hungary
V4 Startup competition (Rotterdam)

2014 — Best Venture Qualifying Award
COINVEST Balkan Venture Forum (Nova Gorica) – Best Venture qualifying award

2013 — Start-up of the Month Award
Hungarian Ministry for National Economy (Budapest)

2012 — 1st Place Young Entrepreneur Award
ACES – Academic Enterprise Awards (Brussels)

2012 — MedTech Award
Best of Biotech (Vienna)

2012 — 1st Place
EIB Social Innovation Tournament (Luxemburg)

2012 – Semi-Finalist
European Venture Contest, Healthcare (Aarhus)

2012 – Young Innovator of the Year
EYIF (Brussels)

2012 – Kairos 50 Award
Kairos 50 (New York)

2011 – 1st Place
ICPIC Innovation Academy (Geneva)

2011 – Outstanding Student Humanitarian Award
IEEE Presidents’ Change the World

2011 – Student Enterprise Award

2011 – 1st Place
Innovact European Campus Award (Reims)

2011 – 1st Place
Spin-off Planéta (Budapest)

Company Overview

Hand-in-Scan™ leverages strategic partnerships with leading global hand hygiene experts in combination with patented AI technology to develop industry-leading training systems which significantly improve
hand hygiene behaviors that eliminate the spread of infectious diseases.

A Walk Through Time

Our History


Seed Funding

$2M raised to further develop the Semmelweis Scanner prototype & conduct validation trials.



Hand Hygiene Training Accreditation

Hand-In-Scan™ certified to deliver hand hygiene training in hospitals & universities.



International Recognition

  • HU Top Innovations of the Year
  • EIT – GoGlobal Award
  • WHO – Private Organizations for Patient Safety


Effectiveness Confirmed & Validated

Three leading publications confirm effectiveness of Semmelweis Systems
Hand-In-Scan™ joins ISO TC 304, developing the new global standard for had hygiene.



Strengthening Clinical Partnerships

Major studies rolled out with clinical partners AKH & HUG.




Identified the threat early & accelerated manufacturing in January. Record number of Semmelweis Scanners are shipped to our global distributers.



Series A: US Investment

Hand-In-Scan™ Series A to support our launch in North America & establish new standards in hand hygiene.



US Launch September 2020

Hand-In-Scan™ launches across all States & Territories.



Global Awards Received

Hand-In-Scan™ is honored to receive these prestigious awards in 2020

  • IF Global Design – Winner
  • RedDot.org – Winner
  • United Nations – Winner
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