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Trusted & Recognized by Leading Global Health & Technology Organizations

When it comes to the expertise and viability of the Hand-in-Scan™ System, we know you need to see the kind of trust and recognition you would expect from any leading organization in the healthcare industry. Here are just a few of the many accolades the Hand-in-Scan™ System has been awarded.

2020 Awards

Previous Awards

2017 – Top Innovations Award

2016 – Swedish Grand Prize

2015 – 2nd Prize for Technology Transfer
Life Science: Science2Business Award (Vienna) 

2015 – Újbuda Startup Grant 

2015 – Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize
Finalist with Merit (Budapest) 

2015 – Red Dot Design Award
Best Concept (Singapore)

2015 – Hungarian Design Award

2015 – IEEE Robotics and Automation Award
Award for Product Innovation (Seattle)

2014 — Semi-Finalist in Team
Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) Startup Challenge (San Francisco)

2014 — Best New Startup from Hungary
V4 Startup competition (Rotterdam)

2014 — Best Venture Qualifying Award
COINVEST Balkan Venture Forum (Nova Gorica) – Best Venture qualifying award

2013 — Start-up of the Month Award
Hungarian Ministry for National Economy (Budapest)

2012 — 1st Place Young Entrepreneur Award
ACES – Academic Enterprise Awards (Brussels)

2012 — MedTech Award
Best of Biotech (Vienna)

2012 — 1st Place
EIB Social Innovation Tournament (Luxemburg)

2012 – Semi-Finalist
European Venture Contest, Healthcare (Aarhus)

2012 – Young Innovator of the Year
EYIF (Brussels)

2012 – Kairos 50 Award
Kairos 50 (New York)

2011 – 1st Place
ICPIC Innovation Academy (Geneva)

2011 – Outstanding Student Humanitarian Award
IEEE Presidents’ Change the World

2011 – Student Enterprise Award

2011 – 1st Place
Innovact European Campus Award (Reims)

2011 – 1st Place
Spin-off Planéta (Budapest)


Dr. Tamás Haidegger

Serving as the Chief Strategy Officer at Hand-in-Scan™, our co-founder Dr. Tamás Haidegger, has led the convergence of Hand Hygiene, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Data Analysis and Intelligent Tools. His mission is to drastically improve hand hygiene for clean hands across healthcare and other critical, high-risk sectors.

The result is Semmelweis Systems by Hand-in-Scan™, innovation that drives evidence-based improvement in hand hygiene.

Recognized as one of the leading experts focused on evidence-based hand hygiene and innovative medical technologies, Tamás is the author and co-author of over 250 scientific papers, books & articles with over 1500 independent citations to his work. Tamás holds 5 international patents, with 5 pending.

Tamás is associate professor at Óbuda University (Budapest), serving as the director of the University Research and Innovation Center (EKIK), is the technical lead of medical robotics research at the Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics, and also Research Area Manager at the Austrian Center of Medical Innovation and Technology (ACMIT). Tamas spent one year at Johns Hopkins University (MD) as a visiting scholar.

Through his commitment to improving the science, research and behavior of hand hygiene, Tamás has helped Hand-in-Scan™ deliver this award-winning solution to 18 countries and over 300 hospitals. 

Tamás is the delegate of Hand-in-Scan to the World Health Organization’s Private Organizations for Patient Safety (POPS) and leads the ISO TC 304 Committee who are setting new, evidence-based Hand Hygiene and Patient Safety Standards for the 21st century. Tamás has 4 co-publications with Prof. Didier Pittet of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety.

An avid cyclist, Tamás spends his free time travelling Europe with his growing family. He is the author of the popular medical robotic technologies blog surgrob.blogspot.com.

Please contact us if you wish to book media requests, discuss research opportunities or have other inquiries.

Company Overview

Hand-in-Scan™ leverages strategic partnerships with leading global hand hygiene experts in combination with patented AI technology to develop industry-leading training systems which significantly improve
hand hygiene behaviors that eliminate the spread of infectious diseases.

A Walk Through Time

Our History


Seed Funding

$2M raised to further develop the Semmelweis Scanner prototype & conduct validation trials.



Hand Hygiene Training Accreditation

Hand-In-Scan™ certified to deliver hand hygiene training in hospitals & universities.



International Recognition

  • HU Top Innovations of the Year
  • EIT – GoGlobal Award
  • WHO – Private Organizations for Patient Safety


Effectiveness Confirmed & Validated

Three leading publications confirm effectiveness of Semmelweis Systems
Hand-In-Scan™ joins ISO TC 304, developing the new global standard for had hygiene.



Strengthening Clinical Partnerships

Major studies rolled out with clinical partners AKH & HUG.




Identified the threat early & accelerated manufacturing in January. Record number of Semmelweis Scanners are shipped to our global distributers.



Series A: US Investment

Hand-In-Scan™ Series A to support our launch in North America & establish new standards in hand hygiene.



US Launch September 2020

Hand-In-Scan™ launches across all States & Territories.



Global Awards Received

Hand-In-Scan™ is honored to receive these prestigious awards in 2020

  • IF Global Design – Winner
  • RedDot.org – Winner
  • United Nations – Winner
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