How It Works

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Complete Ease of Adoption

Quickly and easily adopt a system that has been thoughtfully designed to fit into your existing framework, and is intended to complement and even enhance the efficacy of the systems you already have in place.

The Next Wave of Cutting-Edge Technology is Here

A robust and thoughtfully-designed hand scanner paired with innovative AI technology sits at the centre of the Hand-in-Scan System. The Semmelweis Scanner™ has accumulated design awards the world over, and the proprietary technology that drives it is unprecedented in the industry. This comprehensive system provides accurate 3D scanning data that is then captured in the reporting software and processed for use in the support of ongoing training and Hand hygiene improvement.

The Heart of the System

The Semmelweis Scanner

Flawless Hand Hygiene

The Hand-in-Scan™ System fosters dramatic improvement in the adoption of flawless Hand Hygiene behaviors by routinely employing evidence-based and objective assessment methods. At the heart of this system is the patented Semmelweis Scanner™.

Award Winning

The Semmelweis Scanner™ has won design awards the world over, and has proven to be an invaluable tool to teach and validate the skills of new staff members. Additionally the scanner is effective for ongoing hand hygiene training throughout the year as it helps to maintain high standards that contribute to the elimination of infectious diseases.

Equipment Components

  • Scanner & peripheries (cord etc)
  • Mobile station
  • Training fluid
  • Cards or integration
  • Posters and PDF training material
  • Train-the-trainers course (online)
How It Works

Scan, Save, & Impress.

The Hand-in-Scan™ System seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and processes to enhance the efficacy of the current industry-standard systems that are already integrated into
your facilities.

The comprehensive and intelligent Hand-in-Scan™ System leverages cutting-edge technology to make subtle improvements in human behavior that magnify significantly for short-term and sustainable long-term positive impact. The result is safer facilities, higher patient quality scores, reduced risk, by helping to eliminate the spread of infectious disease.

How does our patented system work?

Step 1

It only takes 30 seconds for a complete contactless hand scan and output of results.

Step 2

The user applies a training gel and inserts each hand into the Semmelweis Scanner

Step 3

The scanner identifies and captures areas of the hands at the pixel level.

Step 4

Artificial Intelligence analysis detects anomalies in the scan (i.e., rings, jewelry, etc.).

Step 5

Augmented-Reality displays a 3D overlay of clean/dirty areas on the users hands.

Step 6

The user’s Semmelweis Score is displayed with a Pass/Fail comparative to your high standards.

Step 7

Results are sent to a real-time management dashboard along with your Semmelweis Score

Real Results.
Significant Impact.

Review details from case studies that highlight the ease of integration, efficacy, and return that the Hand-in-Scan™ System provides.

Reporting System

The Hand-in-Scan™ reporting platform is a personalized IT dashboard providing detailed metrics collected from processed scans over time. This key component plays a key role in the long-term understanding of Hand Hygiene improvement at the institutional and department level. Employing the Semmelweis Scanner™ allows facilities to effortlessly generate scientifically-thorough reports that can be organized by a multitude of defining criteria (i.e. individual shifts, staff groupings, age groupings, etc.). This ease of control over reporting data allows for an effortless integration into any facility’s existing processes and procedures.

How We Help

Why this is Worthwhile for your Facility

We understand that every healthcare facility bears many complex burdens.

Some of these considerations may include:

  • Key Stakeholder
  • Accountability
  • Risk Management
  • Staff Retention
  • Patient Quality Scores
  • Public Relations
  • Commitment to the Health & Safety of the Staff and Patients They Serve

This is why the Hand-in-Scan™ System was designed as a tool to help:

  • Provide a Long-Term
  • Return on Investment
  • Mitigate Physical & Financial Risk
  • Influence Staff Morale & Safety
  • Improve Patient Experience
  • Showcase Your Dedication to Patient Care
  • Provide Significant Measurable Improvements to Infection Control

Setting a New Standard for Hand Hygiene Certification

  • Medical-grade individual HH training certification
  • Knowledge + Standardized Testing + Demonstrated Competency
  • Annual program – Global best practices & standards
  • Campaign mode for departments for team collaboration